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Techwizz, brings a wide range of automation testing and manual software testing solutions to meet your business requirements, from engagement models to tailored testing by industry. We offer software quality assurance(QA)testing, manual testing services for web & mobile apps as well as websites across the globe.We’ve been indulging in fusing the industry’s top tools and methodologies with the help of world’s most highly qualified and talented testers for long years, allowing us to provide higher quality at a lower cost.

We as experienced software testing company have done around 5000+ completed software testing projects of every level and complexity. We make sure to introduce high-quality assurance process that stimulates the software quality management strategy. We ensure our clients that our software testing strategies are fully functional, secure, user-friendly and reliable.

Software Testing Automation

 Our Automation testing is a procedure that diminishes the time for doing manual testing and replaces it with the organized testing approach which imitates the final client conduct in a automated way. Automation testing solutions will permit you to fundamentally accelerate and structure your testing forms and get solid solutions.

Techwizz, is a team with more than 12 years of experience as a test automation company, and we offer our clients the best approaches in the market. In order to check the quality of our software automation testing, we can give you a free trial to test your project. Our focus is to cooperate and provide the superior services to our customers for a long term. we design the structure, develop scripts and configure the deliverables as well as writing situations that sound smart atomic.

Pros of Automation Testing

  • Saves time for testing
  • Tests run 24×7
  • Code reusability
  • Easy reporting
  • Reliability
  • Low cost for maintenance

Our experienced automation engineers automate cross-platform, functional, cross-browsers, smoke and UI tests. Having numerous successfully completed projects, we have expertise in automation testing for industries like Banking & Finance, Logistics, E-learning, , E-commerce, and Healthcare.

We strive for our QA automation competences to go beyond the current ones, so we continuously develop our skills and are open to new challenging projects.

We always make sure to implement a proper automation rules, we examine the industries’ specifications, their goals and setting the goals of automation before commencing the project. After getting a shared understanding of the project, our QA team prepares detailed estimations and assessment of the project for you to get a clear picture of future workflow and to make sure we will match your project.

Due to our flexible approach and gained expertise, we are able to fully integrate into your project team and workflow by either developing in-sprint automation for Agile projects or implementing continuous testing.

Manual Software Testing

Techwizz, gets a kind of mix of testing procedures, devices and innovation expertise, and space information to guarantee that the product will be delivered without inadequacy in a quickened time period. Techwizz not only provides Automation testing service but also end to end manual testing as well. As we see the systems and applications progressively unpredictable sometimes, enterprises come across with the multiple challenges in functional testing to accomplish the authentic creation quality for software. With powerful testing procedures and innovation experience, organizations need solid area aptitudes for performing viable functional testing along with automation testing as well.

We take on the responsibilities regarding testing stuff from making an upgraded test intend to post creation support. We receive a client driven testing approach, providing persistent worth improvement in our commitment. We guarantee total detectability of the business necessities to the experiments planned and executed for broad test coverage. As experts for manual testing, we furnish broad detailing with redid dashboards at standard spans to keep you on top of the testing progress and deformities. our aim of manual testing is to make sure whether systems operate as per exact system requirements with zero error and failure.

Our large experience of testing products / solutions for different industries enables us to detect severe bugs by designing and executing untypical test cases. At the point when a bug is discovered, we make a report with extra portrayals, screen captures, or video records. One development team is done with fixing the issue, we start retesting to ensure that the bug was fixed.

With our own experience and expertise, we guarantee you that 100% test coverage either by manual or automated tests is not possible. Manual testing is tedious and some of the time requires numerous individuals help to guarantee successful quality analysis. Thusly, test automation is regularly requested regardless of whether it isn’t appropriate for the projects by any stretch of the imagination. For our clients to accomplish business targets staying inside timetable   and according to the project budget, we are attempting to propose a legitimate sort of software testing.